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*BSG: Supply grille, with adjustable deflection blades.
*BSG–H: Supply grille, in which horizontal blades are on the front.
*BSG–V: Supply grille, in which vertical blades are on the front.


All of the product frame and blades are manufactured from extruded aluminium profile.

Technical Properties:

Supply grilles carry out the function of supplying hot or cold conditioned air from ventilation ducts to the environment. They are mounted directly onto the duct or plenum box. Also, they have individually adjustable horizontal and vertical blades.

 Coating Types: *Electrostatic powder coating (Standard colors are RAL 9010 and RAL 9016)
*Aluminium anodized
*Other colors are provided with enamel paint and these are RAL 1013, 1014, 9001, 9002, 9003, 9011, 9018. Grille dampers are painted to the same color with grilles.
 Installation Types:

*Fixing with screw
*Fixing with concealed screw
*Fixing with plate spring


*BPBD: Paralel kanatlı damper
*BPBD: Parallel blade damper
*BOBD: Opposed blade damper
*BPB: Plenum box *BSB: Subframe

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